Logical framework

Although many countries, especially developed countries, tend to pursue telemedicine services aiming to improve healthcare accessibility and lower healthcare expenditures [ 1 ], telemedicine is not utilized and developed actively due to lack of legal and policy support for responsibility of services, absence of effective evidence, instability of information and communication technology, and insufficient infrastructure for education and training systems [ 23 ].

Logical framework approach

By the end of the workshops, participants felt that they had learned a useful tool and would be able to formulate their own project proposals for UNFPA and other bilateral donor funding. While there are many techniques and tools for quality improvement in healthcare, the fundamental framework for the quality of healthcare is found in Donabedian [ 15 ].

At the individual level, personal history and biological factors influence how individuals behave and increase their likelihood of becoming a victim or a perpetrator of violence.

Review of Existing Evaluation Approaches Ammenwerth and de Keizer [ 14 ] suggested that an evaluation of information systems in healthcare fields must consider multiple stakeholders with heterogeneous perspectives: Scope of Evaluation Framework 1.

Two training workshops were conducted to familiarize participants with the concepts and techniques of LogFrame methodology, a regional workshop in Nadi, Fiji, for the South Pacific programme countries and a national workshop in Papua N ew Guinea.

The framework attempts to conceptualise the complexity of factors and relationships that constitute the environment in which sexual behaviour and gender-based violence occurs. This paper suggests a comprehensive evaluation framework for telemedicine and telehealth system implementation and is intended to support related stakeholders' decision-making by promoting general understanding and resolving arguments and controversies.

They each apply to the three first cells on their respective row. More practically, the factors related to electronic medical record technology acceptance by healthcare professionals include the aspects of technological system that are deployed, organizational compatibility, and user technology skills, as shown in Table 2 [ 21 ].

It is not a substitute for other technical, economic, social and environmental analyses. Societal factors influence whether violence is encouraged or inhibited. Personal relationships such as family, friends, intimate partners and peers may influence the risks of becoming a victim or perpetrator of violence.

A theory of change describes the types of interventions whether a single programme or a comprehensive community initiative that bring about the results hoped for. Once you have filled the entire form, make sure you have read and re-read all the sections carefully to ensure that all information provided is accurate.

Results Frameworks Results frameworks sometimes called strategic frameworks illustrate the direct relationships between the intermediate results of activities all the way to the overall objectives and goals.

Different kinds of interventions policy change, awareness raising campaigns, community mobilization, improving service delivery and response will need different kinds of frameworks, tools and indicators.

It sets up a framework for monitoring and evaluation where planned and actual results can be compared. Individual agency, household well-being, communication and power relations, and the norms, networks, relationships and responses of communities constitute the environment in the IMAGE framework.

Or is the information readily available in reports or statistics from other sources. What are the objectives of the monitoring activities. However, stigmatizing attitudes that serve as barriers to their meaningful implementation cannot be expected to change overnight.

These are called assumptionsand they can be found in the fourth column. There is more to malnourishment than calorie intake, but it may give you a pretty good idea about how people are progressing.

Inequality of accepting specialized information or knowledge about telemedicine, which includes complex and multifaceted characteristics, leads to the limitation of public understanding [ 56 ].

Mobilising Communities to Prevent Domestic Violence: Since then, as the Internet network and other information and communication technologies ICTs are rapidly growing, the government has begun to support physician-to-patient-based telemedicine.

The following example is more in the format of a Logic Model: Both use "audio, video, and other telecommunications and electronic information processing technologies to provide health services or assist healthcare personnel at distant sites" [ 8 ].

The Logical Framework Matrix shown in Table 1 is a document which is deceptively simple. There are 16 cells in a 4 column by 4 row matrix. To provide the matrix, the project designers are asked to address and answer a number of questions which, on the surface seem self evident.

Oct 26,  · The logical framework approach is a project management tool most often used in an international setting. The tool provides a series of steps, including phases for the plan and design, implementation, and review and evaluation of each project.

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Jul 11,  · The logical framework analysis is a tool used in project management to validate project design. It ensures that the means taken to realize a project will deliver the expected results, and ultimately, help reach the overall objective.

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Logical Framework Approach is often confused with the Logical Framework Matrix. LFA is a project preparation methodology, whereas the LogFrame is a document with a special structure, produced at the end of the LFA process.

A well thought out monitoring and evaluation framework can assist greatly with thinking through programmatic strategies, objectives and planned activities, and whether they are indeed the most appropriate ones to implement.

Example Logical Framework for a .

Logical framework
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