How to deal with lazy roommates

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What to Do About a Freeloading Family Member?

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How to deal: Allow the roommate some space, but kindly invite him/her into conversation every once in a while. Try suggesting books, articles, or movies you can watch together.

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If you’re in the unfortunate situation of having a roommate who’s dirty, incommunicative, lazy, or who just doesn’t get it, here are some strategies for resolving major issues.

First, let’s lay down the ground rules for dealing with difficult roommates.

How do I deal with a lazy/ unclean roommate

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Jun 09,  · Plus, your roommate will definitely enjoy continuing his habit of dipping chips in queso without using a plate. $, Amazon This mug that'll eliminate any confusion the kitchen. Roommate Problems: How to Deal with Messy Roommates in Roommates on January 02, by aptsherpa Moldy dishes, dirty clothes, spoiled milk, mildewed shower tiles, bags of garbage (or, worse, garbage scattered all over the apartment), overflowing litter boxes, and a toothpaste-laden sink—living with a messy roommate can be a unique .

How to deal with lazy roommates
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How do I deal with a lazy/ unclean roommate | Yahoo Answers