How poets in quickdraw explore ideas

Level 2 Candidates spell, punctuate and use the rules of grammar with reasonable accuracy in the context of the demands of the question. Private candidates should write to us for a copy of Supplementary Guidance for Private Candidates for Controlled Assessment specification with practical activities.

Reading poetry works the same way, and, fortunately, poets leave trails to help you look for the way "up" a poem.

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The specification is most suitable for those who wish to explore English Literature in more depth, and in combination with English Language experience greater breadth of English studies at this level.

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How do some poets explore ideas of loyalty, love and relationships?

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grep and egrep => the home of the regex - read their man pages. 6 Section A Question Compare the ways poets explore pride in My Last Duchess (page 15) and in one other poem from Character and voice.

GCSE: Comparisons

Examiners are encouraged to reward any valid interpretations. ideas about conflict in Quickdraw or Nettles presentation of relationships in Ghazal ideas about love in Sonnet 43 or Sonnet of ‘Hour’, like ‘Quickdraw’, comes from Duffy’s collection Rapture which won the T.

S. Eliot Prize for Poetry in Rapture charts the course of a love affair with an anonymous, possibly unspecific, lover.

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The mantra of all successful lesson observations these days is that students should be seen to be making progress. Perhaps the best way to show that you’re having an impact on their knowledge and understanding is to show that the learning is ‘deep’.

The use of iambic pentameter also stresses key ideas and words whilst the poem can still flow.

How to Read a Poem

In contrast, Quickdraw is written in free form, restricting the poem from flowing smoothly. It has been suggested that this poem could be a concrete poem as many people think it resembles the shape of a gun.

How poets in quickdraw explore ideas
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